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Discover Your Spiritual Type - A Lenten Study


A continuation workshop following the Spiritual Gifts Workshop led by Miriam Frey, will begin Sunday March 4th after morning worship.  As a result, Tansley may be better able to apply the spiritual types to its ministry and worship.  Books have been ordered. You are invited to attend with or without a book.

The following is a copy of the information provided to those who attended the original session lead by Miriam Frey:

Discover your Spiritual Type by Corinne Ware (Alban Institute, 1995) from the work of Urban T Holmes, III in A History of Christian Spirituality (summarized by Miriam Frey, 2008)






God is revealed in scripture and Jesus God is revealed in my heart God is mystery and cannot be grasped We participate/co-create with God
Worship is ordered & carefully planned Worship spontaneous and deeply moving Simple worship with silence Worship focused on Godís service
Stick to planned time Extend time to fit Timelessness Time to finish task
Pray for knowledge: express praise Prayer evokes feeling & God's presence Prayer: simple BE with God Life and work is prayer
Music expressed belief Music warms heart Music should be quiet Music inspires
Preaching is central; focus is scripture Preaching is loving and should change us Proclaim what the spirit is saying Practice what we preach
Criticism: too "dry" and intellectual Criticism: too emotional Criticism: escaping from the real world Criticism: tunnel vision & moralistic




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